Making some exhaust mounts for the Shovelhead 2-1 pipe


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Riiiiggghhttt…… I didn’t have any plans for today, so I went into the shed open minded and just tackled whatever felt right. Today? Making an exhaust mount for my 2-1 pipe. For those that missed that bit, I fabbed it … Continue reading

Fabricating my Shovelhead 2-1 exhaust (part-2)


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I thought I had pretty much finished my 2-1 exhaust for the Shovel, but then doubts started creeping into my mind. I looked at a whole lot of pictures of other 2-1 exhausts for Shovels, and they all had VERY … Continue reading

I can finally continue with the Shovelhead!


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It’s been six months since I last worked on the Shovel, as I was doing my brother’s bike. I spent all day cleaning the shed and the garage, building some shelves, re-arranging stuff, and generally trying to get everything in … Continue reading