Painting the engine and highlighting the Harley cylinder fins continued…

Another big update. My brother and I dug deep today and we got loads done on his Harley. I went out on Friday and spent a small fortune on paint shop products for the engine, tank, fender (and for my bike…). So now I’m well stocked with primer, panel wipe, tack cloths, etc.

I got Pierre to roughen up the primer on the engine with a fine scotchbrite pad.

In the meanwhile, I got on with highlighting those cylinder fins with the powerfile. That powerfile is absolutely brilliant. It really makes quick work out of this kind of detail work.

I’ve now had some time to get used to the powerfile and explore what it can do, so I fine-tuned the technique a bit by which I highlight these fins. I found that I can get the best result by running alongside the fin with the file, as opposed to going sideways. It does chew through belts though! I was using 120 grit for this first stage and I had to use 2x for each cylinder. Luckily I had bought 40x of them! ;)

Pierre had then finished with the prep and degreased the engine with panel wipe, and I then painted it in a light aluminium colour. We decided against using the gunmetal colour in the end, because it just didn’t look right. So we went for the conservative option!

We then whipped up a barbie for lunch….

The healthy option!

After lunch I continued with the cylinders, while waiting for the paint on the engine to harden a bit… Here’s a comparison between the left (un-sanded) and right sanded cylinders…

More comparison shots…

I then clear-coated the engine in 2k clear. I created a 50/50 mix of matte and gloss clear to ‘try’ to get a satin finish. First time I have done this, so it’s another one of my experiments!

Looking quite shiny there, but it’s still tacky at this point, so I am hoping it’ll dull-down a bit. Would be a bit silly to have a high-gloss engine! =/

I then cracked on with the cylinders. Here you can see why that powerfile was such a good investment. I can cope really well with the nooks and crannies in the fins…

Here’s why these need to go to the vapour blaster on Monday; there’s a healthy amount of corrosion on the fins!

After I had finished the cylinders I pulled the valves out of the heads and degreased them a bit, ready for sanding…

Doing the heads actually took less time than doing the cylinders. Despite the complexity of it!

I will drop these off on Monday and I am hoping that they will be able to turn them around for Friday, so I can paint them next weekend. Further updates then!! =)


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